O Afeto na Era de Sua Reprodutibilidade Digital (2016)

This was formulated as a two-day workshop for discussing the effects of the internet on the body. After a short presentation about how the internet works and what kinds of technologies and philosophies are behind some of its more popular sites, participants are asked to reflect and share how they think this technology influences our behavior on- and offline.

We then use alginate, silicone rubber and other analog materials to create objects for an (inter)active, presential network. Silicone-cast body parts are by far the most popular objects created, and mouths were by far the most popular body part cast.

Once we have our objects, we perform our network in a town plaza, gallery or other public space, implicating other objects, humans and animals in our communication rituals.

Length: 2 days x 2 hours each

Materials: Projector, alginate, silicone, kitchen scale, 2-inch wood dowel, drawer knobs, small plastic bottles or cups

Slides: pdf

2017: Projeto Marcenaria, Instituto Tomie Ohtake - São Paulo, BR

2016 FATA II, Galpão 27 - Atibaia, BR