El Abismo (2013)

El Abismo is part live performance, part construction of a collective memory of the events that took place during The Mexican Spring of 2012, built by those who participated in the manifestations.

People were invited to participate in the construction of a collective archive of micro-narratives by submitting their images, videos, audio tracks and texts through an online platform, or, much like the original Yo Soy 132 movement, by submitting texts via twitter using a specific hashtag.

The material was organized during a week-long workshop at the Live Performers Meeting 2013 in Mexico City, and the resulting archive was exhibited as a live audio-visual performance during the same festival.

For this performance, I created a platform for live manipulation of a twitter stream. This platform allowed me to build, in real-time, graphical compositions made up of words and phrases from tweets sent with a specific hashtag during the performance. Some of my favorites:

2013: Live Performers Meeting, Centro Multimedia - México City, MX