Jandig (2011)

This was an interesting collaboration with VJ Pixel and other people at memeLab.

Jandig is a platform/installation for creating temporary exhibitions of digital or digitalized works or messages. Through the use of an augmented reality library, users can use their own phones to view these virtual works distributed throughout a physical environment.

For our very first installation, we made small black and white paper markers and glued them throughout the Santa Cecilia neighborhood of downtown São Paulo.

When viewed through the software, these markers changed into photographs or drawings that were submitted to the Jandig open-source digital work database.

I was mostly responsible for writing the Java code for the Android application. This involved modifying/fixing the AndAR code and integrating it into a system that could recognize multiple markers and display pre-selected 2D images.

I was also responsible for figuring out how to display animated GIFs using OpenGL textures: