Once Upon a Time Collection (2012)

This was part of a set of collaborations with Estudio Guto Requena in the beginning of 2012, that combined sound, design and digital fabrication processes to create furniture and decorative objects. The first project was a collection of four glass vases. I was responsible for writing code to generate 2D visualizations of the audio files using simple envelope and filtering techniques. These 2D shapes were then rotated around their central axis to create the 3D volumes for fabrication.

From the project’s website:

“The Once Upon a Time Collection (Coleção Era uma Vez) of glass vases is composed of four pieces in different sizes, created from the recording of Guto Requena’s grandmother. These stories were captured on a mobile phone and used as the basis for the computer models of the vases. The forms generated by the interpretation of the audio files are the soul of these works, which express through their curves the narrative drama of the fables. The vases were manufactured by glass blowing artisans using recycled material.”