Topologías del Deseo (2016)

Project done with the Interspecifics collective.

What role does history play in conditioning our social desires?

Topologías del Deseo is a series of transductions of energy that serve as signifiers for a symbolic act that seeks to establish a state of exception in which these questions are shared and reflected collectively.

Starting from an open call for people who study the nature of reality and other aspects of consciousness, like, shamans, therapists, psychologists, herbalists, we began to map different rituals for transforming destructive processes into constructive ones. Using electroencephalographic technology (EEG), we recorded electrical brain activity from these participants and analyzed the data for patterns.

This data, of a possible encounter of relations between the intention of one person and another, is then converted into a printed 3D topology, creating a kind of totem or mini sculpture that keeps the physiological intention of each one of the participants. These totems are finally read by a custom laser turntable system, built especially to be used as an instrument and source of collective sound performance.

I was mostly responsible for writing scripts to turn the time-domain EEG data into 3D shapes. I also helped plan and design the 6-channel laser turntables.