Um jardim para Epicuro (2011)

In December of 2010 I participated in “art summer camp”… er… Interactivos?10. The Medialab-Prado “research and production platform for the creative and educational uses of technology”. This was their satellite event that took place in Belo Horizonte.

Besides meeting a bunch of cool people, and helping out in a variety of projects, I got to collaborate with Cinthia Mendonça on her “hybrid garden”.

Cinthia’s blog for the project has more details, pictures and videos, but, put simply, we built a small garden ecosystem that, in addition to small tress, plants and shrubs, also had sound installations, camera feeds and a projection.

I was mostly involved in programming the interactive projection. I used Processing to program a plant-like visual organism that responded to changes in the physical conditions of the garden (temperature, humidity, light intensity).

A second version of the garden was built in June of 2011 for the ecoLAB exhibition at LABoral in Gijón, Spain. Even though I couldn’t be present for that event we updated the code to respond to more variables.