Visualizing Worlds (2019)

Antenna construction workshop for frequency mapping and electromagnetic navigation. This workshop is an expansion of the Relative Intensity project.

We start the workshop by introducing the Astrolabe (the Islamic measuring and navigation instrument) and other historical instances of embodied measurement devices and techniques to get a feeling for the performative aspects of science.

After a short presentation about antennas and electromagnetic waves, and a quick tutorial on soldering, participants make their own wearable antennas using copper, brass and semi-precious stones.

Afterwards, each antenna is analyzed to quantify their resonance and measure which frequency bands they amplify or attenuate.

Length: 1 day x 3 hours

Materials: Projector, copper wire, copper tape, brass pieces, semi-precious stones, coaxial cable, soldering irons, solder, wire clippers, pliers

Slides: pdf

2019: Visualizações de Mundos, Red Bull Station - São Paulo, BR

Photos by: Felipe Gabriel (@fgf0t)